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Week 5

February 5, 2009

There is seriously no point in writing this entry because Week 5 SUCKED! I didn’t even check my weight because I don’t want to know. In Weight Watchers, you can use a “No Weigh-In” pass if you don’t want to weigh-in so today is my No Weigh-In pass week.

Everything was going pretty good. I ate good on Friday and Saturday, drank 2 bottles of water, and ate at least 3 veggies/fruits. But Sunday was the Superbowl. And you have to understand that we are a football family. I am the biggest woman football fan you will ever meet.

Seriously. I’m like a guy.

I spend my Sundays camped out in front of the TV watching pre-game shows, post-game shows, and all the games in between. When we had cable, I turned on ESPN at 6 p.m. and watched all the pre-game shows until MNF. I play Fantasy Football and am a monster with football picks.

Honestly, I’m like a man’s dream girl.

Anyway, so we love us some football. Superbowl = biggest football game of the year. Superbowl = food. Superbowl = lots and lots and LOTS of food.

We had:
– 105 Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets
– Mom’s Super Special Super Secret beans
– Mom’s Super Special Super Secret potato salad
– 3 different kinds of chips
– Dozens upon dozens of cookies
– Cookie cake
– Small tray of Chick-Fil-A brownies (they came for free since we ordered online!)
– Drinks (just soda; we’re not a drinking family, especially since my grandfather used to be an alcoholic and aside from Mom and me, everyone was driving themselves home)

Needless to say, it was terrible. I did manage to do 60 minutes on the elliptical and finish 2 bottles of water beforehand. I didn’t eat too bad at the Superbowl. It was fairly normal.

But then, nobody took home the desserts. We were left with probably 20 or so cookies, most of the brownies, and most of the cookie cake. So it’s been a rough week where all my good intentions flew out the window.

Blegh. Blegh. Blegh.

Bad week. Terrible week. I so wish I could show up at Anisah’s wedding as a svelte and slim 110-pounder but that’s not gonna happen. I will be happy at 140. But I keep sabotaging every weight loss effort.

Tomorrow starts a new week. Time for some goals.

Goals for Week 6 (Feb. 6 – Feb. 13):
– Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day
– Drink 2 bottles of water every day
– 3 servings of fruits/veggies, every day

Wish me luck!


Week 4

January 30, 2009

Starting Weight: 151 lbs
Weight (as of 01/29/2009): 147 lbs
Weight Lost: -4 lbs

No, don’t get all excited. That’s my starting weight since starting in early January. Still, I lost 4 lbs this month. Pretty durn good, if I do say so myself. If I can keep losing at this rate, I’ll be supremely happy.

Anyway, this weeked sucked. Let’s list everything I did wrong, shall we?

  • I didn’t track my food (except for 1 day)
  • I exercised just twice this week (and the second time was a laughable attempt)
  • I definitely didn’t drink enough water. Somedays, I didn’t drink any!
  • My lunch consisted of chocolate and popcorn most days.

The good news is, I was THIS CLOSE to buying a bag of Valentine Reese’s candy on Monday. Seriously, I’m like an alcoholic. I just pictured myself standing in CVS with a bag of Reese’s in one hand and a bag of pretzels in another, calling my mom to talk me out of the Reese’s. Luckily, I was good and just got one of those Reese Easter eggs, or whatever they are. It was sooo good. I still felt guilty getting it, though, when I didn’t really need it.

My tracking was terrible. Here’s how bad it was: On SparkPeople, you get SparkPoints and earn “trophies.” Call it corny but you can’t contain my excitement when I see that I’ve earned a new trophy! Anyway, you get SparkPoints from tracking your food (5 points a day), tracking exercise (1 point per 5 minutes of exercise), and other things like writing on their message boards, editing your SparkPage, reading e-mails, taking polls, and spinning the SparkWheel to earn log-in points. So, on Sunday (the only day I tracked), I had 9 points until my new trophy.

Do you think I have a new trophy? No sirree Bob. I’m still 9 measly points away. Blegh.

And let’s talk about my lunch. POPCORN? See, two Christmases ago, my grandma bought Mom and I a real popcorn popper. You buy the kernals and oil and popcorn salt and it pops the popcorn for ya. It’s really cool and fun to watch. And the popcorn is sooo good. For me, it’s so much easier to make that than a real lunch. Why? I’m not sure. I have a reason for it. I know I do. I just don’t know what that reason is. So, while the popcorn itself is not a bad choice (just 100 calories), it’s definitely not enough for lunch. I need more than that. So on Wednesday, I made this pasta salad. And it was so, so good. Delicious! I put some cucumbers and tuna in it as well. Yummo! I loved it so decided to get it as my lunch this week. So, hopefully, I actually have a LUNCH to eat now!

What else did I do wrong? Ugh. I just felt as if I did everything wrong this week. I did manage to drink 2 bottles of water on Tuesday and Wednesday. So there’s a plus! Mom didn’t let me gorge like I wanted to. She used to give in to me all the time. I had a bad day? Gorge. I was on the first day of my period? Gorge. I stubbed my toe? Gorge.

But she was firm with me. I told her I needed her to be more firm. So, even though I wanted to, she wouldn’t let me and I feel good that I didn’t. I get one evening a week to gorge (Thursday nights) and then I get right back on track on Friday.

On Sunday, Mom and I went on a 7.6 mile walk on the Pinellas Trail. Yep. That’s right. SEVEN POINT SIX MILES. Insane, I tell you. We were dying by the end of it. And I ended up getting two blisters on one toe and pulling a muscle in the arch of my left foot, causing it to swell. And the muscle was, like, poking out or something. When I showed my mom, she said it looked weird. So we didn’t exercise on Monday because we were still recuperating and on Tuesday, my foot was still hurting so I barely attempted to exercise. I did more strength-training which is always fun for me. I love feeling powerful.

Anyway, my goals for last week will be the same goals for this week. I’ll also put my February goals again.

Goals for February:
– Lose at least 5 lbs
– Run for 2 minutes on the treadmill (6.0)
– Eat at least 3 servings of fruits/veggies a day
– Get down to only 1 (or none!) soda a day

Goals for Week of Jan. 30th – Feb. 6th
– Drink 2 bottles of water a day
– Get up to running a minute on the treadmill
– Do 30 minutes of strength-training, 3 times this week

I really, really, really, really, really want to be 135 at Anisah’s wedding on March 28th. So that’s just 12 lbs in 8 weeks. I think that’s attainable.

We’ll see! I’m going to have such a hard time on Sunday with the Superbowl! Mom and I host it and we go all out. Cookies, cake, brownies, nuggets, chips…blegh. I’ll definitely be getting lots of exercise in beforehand. (I still don’t know who I want. The Cardinals with their Cinderella story, adorable Kurt Warner, but are in the 49ers division so it’d be like Mark rooting for the Pats, yuck. Or do I want the Steelers with future hubby Ben Roethlisberger, gorgeous coach Mike Tomlin, and all-around great football team. I. DON’T. KNOW. I’ll be happy either way.)

Dieting is not for the weak

January 24, 2009

Well, I made a promise to myself when I started blogging that I was going to say what I feel, no regrets. As you may have read a previous post of mine, I am sticking true to that statement.

I had previously started other blogs to chronicle my weight loss journey but decided to scrap those and just put my journey on this blog. I didn’t want to embarrass myself but to heck with it! I will. Maybe that’s the motivation I need to lose this stubborn weight!

Anyway, I could talk about when I began my weight loss journey but I’m so sick of saying the same thing over and over again that I’m not going to do that. Needless to say, I was at my lowest weight in December 2008 and now I am back at my highest in January 2009.

I did what 95% of Americans did and started my “diet/healthy lifestyle” in early January, weighing in at a whopping 151 lbs. Yowza. Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve managed to lose 4 lbs. My goal was to be 130 for Anisah’s wedding in March but, yeah, I can’t see that happening unless I become anorexic in which case I might faint while walking down the aisle and steal Anisah’s spotlight. So I’m just looking to keep losing weight until then. If I can be in the 130’s, that would be fantastic.

I had been doing Weight Watchers since May 2007 but I quit in December because the program simply wasn’t working for me anymore. I wasn’t putting all my effort into it. Basically, I was paying to gain weight.

Since then, I’ve been doing it on my own, using which is a fabulous site. You plug in all your goals, how much weight you want to lose, how much you plan to exercise, yadda yadda yadda and it gives you a target calorie range, target carb range, target fat range, and target protein range. It worked super for me when I was up at the dorms in 2007. I managed to lose about 10 lbs doing it and it’s been working for me so far.

I have setbacks. There are times when I just feel I’m never going to maintain control over my eating habits. Heck, my mom, who had lost 80 lbs doing Weight Watchers still feels like she is out-of-control when she eats. So it’s a learning process every single day. It’s an uphill battle every single day. But I’m determined to get to the top of the mountain.

I’m doing good with my exercise. Sort of. I’ve slacked off for the past four days. The thing with me is that if I don’t do it first thing in the morning, I can make 75,000 excuses on why I can’t exercise (Numero Uno is usually that I don’t want to). Honestly, I hate exercising. I mean, you sweat, your heart rate accelerates, and you become short of breath. Where else but in exercise is that normal? Anywhere else, you’d be in the ER getting checked out! So, for me, it’s not fun but I have to do it. So I do. And when I’m finished, yeah, I feel great! I am Superwoman. But it’s that point of getting there and exerting all that effort that makes it hard.

My eating habits, blegh. This is the area I need to work on the most. More water, less soda (plus, my complexion sucks right now). More fruits/veggies, less candy/chocolate.

So I need to set some weekly/monthly goals. And since it’s almost February, I’ll make these February goals.

Goals for February:
– Lose at least 5 lbs
– Run for 2 minutes on the treadmill (6.0)
– Eat at least 3 servings of fruits/veggies a day
– Get down to only 1 (or none!) soda a day

Goals for Week of Jan. 23rd – Jan. 29th
– Drink 2 bottles of water a day
– Get up to running a minute on the treadmill
– Establish a consistent 30-minute 3-day-a-week strength-training plan

Ah, the joys of weight loss. Why couldn’t I have the metabolism my brother has? He eats and eats and eats and eats and has never had to worry about his weight. I mean, he came over to watch the games on Sunday and had FIVE pieces of pizza! That’s over 1,200 calories! But that’s my lot in life and it’s just going to get worse if I don’t try to gain control over it right now.

Wish me luck! I hope to get my posts out every Friday so we’ll see.