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9 resolutions for 2009

January 1, 2009

9. Become a mentor.
This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I think it was on my list for the past 2 years. At my church, we actually have a mentoring program and we even have one for children whose fathers were in prison (perfect for me, right?). I love kids and I’d love to be a mentor. It would be nice to be needed and for someone to bond with. I just really think I need to first become closer to the True Mentor before I can be successful at it.

8. Reconnect with old friends.
There are so many friends I’ve lost touch with, in college and high school. I have one friend from high school that is actually going to be in Anisah’s wedding and I’m meeting her and Anisah for breakfast on Saturday. Sarah was the mother of our group. She is a girl so full of life and hope in Jesus and will knock down anyone who gets in her way. She’s amazing. She’s the type of friend you can go to when you have a problem and count on to tell you the truth. And there are many others I’d like to become closer to.

7. Have a heart-to-heart with my dad.
This is going to be the toughest one. I haven’t spoken to my dad in over 13 months and I hesitate to even pick up the phone and call him. He doesn’t take any blame but I think I need to tell him how much he has affected my self-esteem and how much he’s affected who I am as a person. This might be in person or it might be through a letter. I’m not sure I can face him and say the things I need to say. I’m not expecting tears from him. I’m expecting him to deny everything and lay everything on my mom and on me. But in order for me to be in a successful relationship, I need to sort out my feelings for my dad.

6. Get serious about writing a novel.
So, the way I’d like my life to pan out is me marrying, have a family, and writing novels. That’s the way I want to live my life. So I’d really like to get serious about writing a novel. The first thing I have to do is sort between the billions I have circulating in my head and on my computer. There are so many story ideas I have and I need to find one and stick with it and do some real writing! I’d like to be halfway done with writing a novel by the end of 2009. And I’m going to work real hard to make that happen!

5. Go on at least one date.
I know I made you chuckle with this one! Honestly, I haven’t been on a date since August 2004. FOUR AND A HALF YEARS! I’m not going to find my future husband by sitting on my hands. I need to get out there! I need to flirt and be cute. I need to have some sort of social life and some sort of dating life. And I will. My goal is one date this year! I can achieve that. Right? And, yes, my friends, I am all for blind dates. SET ME UP!

4. Attend my first gynecology appointment.
I didn’t mean to make you cringe with this one. But I’m 21 years old and I need to start going. UGH! I really don’t want to. I know I’m just another patient with the gynecologist but it still makes me nervous. But I know I need to see one and make sure everything is in proper working order. Yuck.

3. Get a good job and pay off my credit cards.
I really need to find a job. A good job. One that pays well and can be flexible with school. I’ve been looking (albeit half-heartedly) for one and I think I have some good leads where I know they are hiring currently. So I’ll be following up on those next week to see if I can get hired anywhere! Plus, I have some serious credit cards that need to be payed off. While they were godsends when I first got them, they’ve become nuisances ever since!

2. Start living a healthier lifestyle.
Obviously, this is a given for about 90% of people. We all want to lose weight and be more healthy and fit. This is true for me. I was wayyy fitter a year ago. I was actually at my lowest weight since middle school a year ago. And I’d definitely like to be there (and skinnier) by this time next year. I just need to buckle down. Drink more water, work out more, and watch my portions. I also need to seriously cut down on my junk food. My lifestyle needs to change dramatically.

1. Fall back in love with Jesus.
This is suchhh a big one for me! Me and Jesus haven’t exactly been on the same page this year. We’re in two completely different books. And I’d like to be in the same one again. I’ve been half-heartedly attending church because I don’t believe in going just to go. If I’m going to go to church, it’s because I believe in it and what they preach. And that I am practicing what they preach. I need to fully surrender myself to my Lord and Savior. Easier said than done, right? But I think I’m happiest when I’m following Jesus and letting Him steer my car.

8 reasons I won’t forget 2008

December 30, 2008

8. Good Friends
I say “friends” like I have a bunch. I don’t, really. I do need to make more. Just like every year, I’ve gained some new friends and lost some old ones. I really miss all my friends at my old work, KinderCare, like Rachelle and Sandra and Kelly. They were good people. I have kept many good, strong friendships like my friendship with Anisah, who’s getting married in March! (You go, girl!) It’s friendships like that that make me want more.

7. Turning 21
In November, I turned 21 which is a monumental day in anyone’s life. I can drink legally now! I had a drink on my 21st birthday (a cosmopolitan) which was disgusting. Then I had another one at my mom’s Christmas party, a margarita. The margarita was OK but halfway through it, I asked for a Coke. I can tell you I won’t become an alcoholic because I can never stomach a drink enough to get drunk! Or maybe I haven’t found my perfect drink yet. My mom did get a huge bottle of vodka during her gift exchange. 😉

6. Miami Dolphins
Ah, my Dolphins. For the first time since 2000, they are in the playoffs! I didn’t start getting interesting in football until about 10th grade (the 2003 season) and this is the first time I’ll be able to watch them in the playoffs (and appreciate it!). My first year, they were 10-6 but their division is scary good. Come on, we have the New England Patriots in our division. So, yes, I did a fist-pump and cheer when I heard Tom Brady went down and was out for the season. 🙂 We’ve had an insane season. We launched the WILDCAT! And now other teams are copying us. We’ve established the two runningback tandem that all successful teams are running with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. We got a franchise QB in Chad Pennington. And Tony Sparano, our head coach, has to be the front runner for Coach of the Year! All in all, I’m proud to be a Phinatic!

5. Barack Obama/Voting
This year marked the first time I voted. Although I was old enough to vote in the small state election in 2006, I didn’t. But I knew how important this election was so I became an Obama fan. I am registered as a Republican but something about John McCain rubbed me the wrong way. And I especially hated his VP nomination of Sarah Palin. I’m all for women in power but this seemed like such a stupid choice on McCain’s part and made me question his abilities. And, unlike every other Obama supporter, I do not think he’s given us back HOPE. Guess what? Six months from now, we’ll probably still be fighting a war. We’ll probably still be in a crappy economy. And all you fans will end up hating him by the time his term is over. Trust me on this. So I just hope he can do some good. I don’t expect him to be Superman, though.

4. Change of Major
This has been the biggest event to happen to me in the past month. I was all set to graduate with my degree in Elementary Education but after a failed internship, I decided to completely switch my major. So I’m now focusing on journalism. And what’s really neat is that I was iffy on journalism because what I really want to do is write a book. And I kept going back and forth: Creative Writing or Journalism. So I was at the library the other day and looking for some books to read. And now I’m really interested in author biographies and it seemed that every one I picked up said something about the author being a journalist before attempting to write a novel. So I think this is where I need to be. I just hope it works out as certain roadblocks have been created recently. If not, I’ll settle for becoming a housewife. 🙂

3. My Nephew
Of course, one of the most monumental events of this year has been the birth of my sweet nephew. He turned 3 months old on Christmas and he is just a sweetheart. He’s getting so big and he’s so active! Unfortunately, as talked about in a previous blog entry, it’s very tough to actually find time to see him but I’m going to change that. I’m going to force ourselves to see him because it’s not fair to us – or him. He knows his maternal family like the back of his hand (well, actually, I don’t think he’s discovered his hands yet so bad example…) and he barely knows us. I may have to burn some bridges, but this has to stop.

2. Grandma
May turned out to be a terrible month for our whole family. We had a picnic for my grandma on May 4th and she ended up in the hospital the next day with what we discovered was a tumor. Then we received the terrible news that she had Stage IV Colon Cancer. It was terrifying, shocking, and saddening. But, throughout it all, I maintained a positive attitude. This was my grandma. There was no way she was going to let a little thing like cancer kill her. I knew she would survive it. And she has. In October, she had a PET Scan and we found out she was completely healed – a miracle. Her doctor said that it was indeed a miracle for her to be completely healed. She just finished her last round of chemo on Christmas Eve. She hasn’t been feeling her best lately but she’ll be back up to her old speed in no time! And we have to get some meat back on her bones! She’s just a little thing now. She’s smaller than me!

1. Minnie
I never, ever, in a million years thought I wouldn’t celebrate the new year with my best friend, Minnie. She was my entire world but we received the awful news in May that she had lymphoma and it was quite advanced. There was nothing we could do to save her. The doctor said we had at best a few months but her quality of life deteriorated dramatically and we made the extremely difficult decision to put her to sleep on June 8th, 2008. Minnie is now frolicking in the sunshine with her old boyfriend, Buford, and meeting new friends who think she is amazing and beautiful, just like she thinks she is! They are having a grand old time! And if Mom and I still talk if Minnie’s still with us…well, that’s not weird. Right?