Easter v. Christmas

For every kid, Christmas always always tops Easter. There is so much build-up starting even before Thanksgiving and you have the entire month of December to eagerly anticipate Christmas. You buy a tree, decorate the house, have a big Christmas party at school, watch your parents bring home beautifully-wrapped gifts, etc.

But once Christmas is over, you’re bummed. I remember feeling sick in the pit of my stomach whenever I saw one present left under the tree – and it was not for me. Greedy? Perhaps. But Christmas night is always so sad for me. It’s a whole 365 days until I’ll experience the magic of Christmas morning again.

But gradually, as things get back to normal, you find other things to look forward to like the Superbowl. 🙂

And then Easter just sneaks up on you! Suddenly, there is pastel-colored Easter candy, stuffed bunnies, and egg coloring kits filling the aisles. And you get excited again because, while it’s not on the same level as Christmas, Easter is a pretty cool holiday.

This year, though, Easter definitely topped Christmas. The main reason why: my grandma.

About a year about (in early May), my grandma was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. STAGE FOUR! Now, my grandma is definitely, behind my mom, my favorite person in the world. Even when she was struggling through chemo, she still found time for her children and grandchildren. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Anyway, my grand is 66 years old and went through 12 intense rounds of chemotherapy. In October, just 5 months after starting chemo, we found out that her cancer was gone. Well, DUH! This is my grandma and there is no way God would take my grandma away yet. He knows how much she’s needed here.

When I found out she had cancer, I was hopeful. I just knew deep within my heart that my grandma was going to be OK. She was strong and she had God fighting this battle for her. Of course she was going to make it! And she did.

She finished her last round of chemo (the most intense yet) on Christmas Eve so Christmas was definitely a blur for her. She says she barely remembers it. She never got dressed (she didn’t have the energy for it) and I filled her plate up with food (but it was such a small amount, it was insane). She sat in her rocker and ate her food.

Fast forward to 4 1/2 months later and it’s Easter. Grandma is cooking Easter dinner and looks like a completely different woman. Well, she looks like the grandma I know. She is full of energy and life. The best part of the whole dinner was everybody telling her, “Grandma, sit down and eat!” Just like old times, she was making sure everyone else had food and was happy until she got her plate and ate.


The other priceless news we received on Thursday before Easter was her PET scan returned back normal with no cancer. She’ll have another PET scan in 3 months and if that turns back normal she can wait 6 months before having another PET scan.

So, yeah, Easter definitely topped Christmas by a large distance. I have my grandma back.

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