I’d call them the Terrific Twos!

Mmm…OK. Maybe I wouldn’t go that far.

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been spending my afternoons in the two-year-old classroom, as one of the teachers has been on vacation. My director told me this the Friday before I would start and my heart literally dropped.

I have been in two-year-old classrooms and they aren’t fun. Especially when the teacher has no control and the kids run around like monkeys and climb on furniture and throw food. So, needless to say, I wasn’t looking forward to these 2 weeks.

But I was excited to work with the teacher. She has a great attitude and I always see her smiling and laughing. So I prepared for the worst – and got the best. Seriously, I had a great time with the two’s. They were funny and cute and some of them had such attitude! It was hilarious. And the teacher was great. She doesn’t have an easy-peasy job but she has fun and enjoys it. And I think the kids can tell.

We liked it so much that we even talked to our directors about me staying in here when the other teacher comes back. Alas, it can’t happen but we’re hoping the other teacher meets an Italian lover (she went to Italy) and stays there. 😉

I’m really going to miss them. After being with just babies and toddlers who don’t really communicate all that well, it was fun talking with and playing with these kids.

I did miss my little toddlers, though. So I am excited to see them again next week. 🙂


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