He’s got my back

This morning, I took a trip to my local Publix to get some things for lunch. Actually, my mom wanted me to get her a few things including some Advil.

So I found the Advil, picked up the littlest bottle since it’s the cheapest and went on my merry way. Lo and behold, by the beer section (no, I wasn’t buy any. Geesh, it was 8:45 in the morning!) was a bin full of 100-pack Advil advertised for 7.49! The small, 20-pack Advil I held in my hands was 4.79. No brainer – buy the big pack.

So I did and the cashier rang my purchases up and the Advil rang up for 11.49. Um, what?!

Here’s what I am: non-confrontational. I walked out of Publix, pondered the fact that I paid 3 dollars more than I thought I would and pondered the fact that even my mom would have confronted Publix about this.

So, with a determined step, I waltzed back into Publix and went straight to customer service where a price check ensued.

Result? I was right. (Well, duh)

Result of that? I got a 100-pack bottle of Advil (normally 12 dollars) for FREE! And that’s why I love Publix so, so much. Not simply for their delicious sub sandwiches or the fact that they employ the cutest stockers around. Customer service, my friend. It’s a fantastic thing. If you pay more for a product than is advertised, they give you the product for free.

And as I walked outside, into the bright sunshine, I could just feel God winking down on me. He’s got my back. 🙂

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