Just a little green with envy…

Well, yesterday was Anisah’s wedding. And it was everything a little girl could ever dream of. I have only attended 2 other weddings in my lifetime and I was very young for both.

This wedding was perfect. Anisah and Andrew got married in their church and she made the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. Her dress was fantastic. We bridesmaids did indulge in a little jealousy (well, at least Sarah and I did).

The wedding ceremony was beautiful and yes, I did shed some tears when I saw Anisah walking down the aisle and the look on Andrew’s face and also when Anisah said her vows, as she was crying during them. 😉

All throughout this week, God’s been working on my heart, it seems. I’ve known Anisah since 9th grade, even though I didn’t know her very well. She was quiet and there was something completely different about her. She had a different way of dressing, of walking, of talking. And when I got to know her even better in 11th grade, I found out why. She had an active, living relationship with God.

I went to church. I read my Bible from time to time. I even attended youth group (even though I hated it). I didn’t think anyone my age actually lived the Christian faith. We just attended church because our parents made us. Anisah lived it and she helped me see what life could be like if God was the center of it.

I’m not saying she’s perfect. She’ll be the first to tell you she’s not. But she believes and worships a perfect God and through Him, she is able to lead a life pleasing to Him. She started wearing a purity ring at the age of 13 and has kept her self pure for her future husband. She began writing letters to her future husband when she was 13 (something I’ve always meant to do but never got around to). On Saturday, she was able to give that journal as well as her purity ring to Andrew to show him how much she has been praying for him and preparing herself for him.

She entered her marriage completely pure. She entered her marriage night just as God intended and I’ve got to believe it was more special than what 90% of girls our age experience.

The entire time, God kept on my heart, letting me know that Anisah put Him first in her life. He was her one and only Lover until he brought Andrew into the picture. He ordained their marriage. He didn’t pick her up at a bar. They didn’t get married because she’s pregnant. They didn’t meet on some cheesy dating site. God introduced them a long time ago, knowing that He would witness their wedding day 8 years later. Isn’t that amazing?

I’m 21 years old and there are times I feel I’ll remain an old spinster. I’ll never experience the love of a husband. I’ll never get to be a “princess for a day.” But that’s just me letting Satan rule over my heart because it will happen.

There is someone out there that God made especially for me. My future husband is out there and it may be 6 months from now or 6 years from now that I meet him. But I have to be patient and willing to let God control my life.

So, yes, I’m a 21-year-old never-been-kissed virgin. I’ve been in 1 relationship my entire life that lasted less than a month. But I’m not into dating a bunch of wannabe husbands to find The One. God knows who “The One” is. And I’m content to let Him unveil that man to me when He thinks I’m ready.

Until now, I’m going to be content with the True Lover and begin to make Him the center of my whole world.


One Response to “Just a little green with envy…”

  1. Tamy Says:

    This is beautiful Stephanie and I know your Mom, Grandma, and Pops are very proud of you! Thanks for sharing it with me!

    God Bless!

    Tamy : )

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