Sick as a dog

Sunday, I got sick with the dreaded 24-hour flu.

I don’t remember the last time I have been that sick. The nearest I can remember is when I was in 5th grade and got the flu from my brother. My mom had all-day training for her job and I was stuck at home with my dad. He’s not the best nurse.

He actually asked me why I couldn’t make it to the bathroom and got sick in the trash can. Um, sorry, but cleaning up after your sick kids is what you signed up for when…you know…

I was so weak, I couldn’t even lay in bed and read. I didn’t even really sleep because I was never that comfortable. I just kinda laid around and dozed.

And it made me think of my grandma who went through over SIX MONTHS of feeling way worse than I did. She was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in May and is now completely healed but there were many days where she didn’t even have the energy to get dressed.

After Sunday, I can totally see where she’s coming from. Then I had to go and get a RAGING headache later that night and we had no Advil in the house at all. I felt like a million tiny hammers were beating against my head. It was terrible.

Luckily, I woke up Monday feeling much, much better. The last thing I wanted to do is call in sick. Yesterday was my one-month anniversary! 🙂

Now, if I can go another 10 years without getting the flu, I’d be happy.


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