You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone…

I don’t think I ever realized how dependent I was on my computer…until it was gone.

Sure. I knew the computer was big for me. It was my favorite piece of technology and I used it a lot.

But not having it? It really sucks, man. Particularly because I use it so much for school that when I do get a chance to swing by the library to use the computer, it’s usually because I need to do homework.

But do I actually do homework?

Not really.

I’d much rather catch up on my celebrity gossip and Facebook all day.

An average schedule:

Monday: I usually don’t get to a computer at all on Mondays. I have class from 9:30-10:45 and then work at 12. I need to eat lunch in between then and it’s too much of an issue for parking to get to the school library before class to get on a computer. So, generally, I don’t see a computer at all on Mondays.

Tuesday: No class so I get to the library when it opens at 9 a.m. to work for about an hour. By work, I mean catch up on celebrity gossip and Facebook. Then I have to go home, eat lunch, get ready for work, and then I’m at work until after 6.

Wednesday: See Monday.

Thursday: See Tuesday.

Friday: This is my “off day” I guess. I don’t get to a computer and just kinda relax at home with the doggy until I need to get ready for work.

Saturday: Up early and at the library at 9 a.m. where I put in about 4 hours. This is the day where I actually do do my homework. I get a lot done on Saturdays, actually.

Sunday: The library opens at 1 p.m. and I’m there for about 2-3 hours on Sunday, getting homework complete and the like. I also get a lot done on Sunday.

But it’s still really hard not having a computer. I hate it. I have $649 due for tuition next Friday and Anisah’s wedding is at the end of this month so I still need to get my shoes, alterations, and my hair done (!). Blegh. Mom and I have been talking with my brother about computers at his work. We’re probably going to have to bite the bullet and do the whole rent-to-own concept.

This post is going nowhere…so I’m just going to stop now. Kiss your computers for me!


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