Apparently, I’m 21 years old. It says so on my birth certificate (well, of course it doesn’t say I’m 21 – it says November 28, 1987 but you get my drift…). I don’t look 21.

Honestly, I could pass for a middle-schooler. Three examples:

July 9, 2008
My mom had surgery (the day after her 30th birthday! ;)) so being the totally awesome, daughter-of-the-year I am, I was with her the entire time. From driving to the hospital for surgery until they released (the next day). Anyway, Mom introduced me to one of her nurses and here’s the conversation:

Mom: She’s studying to become a teacher. She goes to USF.
Nurse: Oh, wow. I thought you were 13 or 14.

Mmm…thanks. Way to boost the ego, lady! I went out to dinner later that night and the nurse asked where I was, commenting, “I keep forgetting she can drive! I keep thinking she’s 13.”

December 2008
I’m in Target, looking longingly at all the presents I could buy my mom but unsure of how much money was on my credit card. So I was walking around, holding things I know I wasn’t going to buy but trying to look like a regular Christmas shopper when a lady draws me into a conversation about batteries.

Lady: Do you think Duracell or Energizer are longer-lasting?
Me: Um…I don’t know. I just use Energizer.
(Honestly, I usually use the batteries that are on sale. Moving on…)
Lady: Yeah, OK. I think I’ll get the four-pack. They’re cheaper.”
Me: “Yeah…”
Lady: “I need them for a game for my kids. Everything seems to need batteries these days!”
Me: (chuckles a little) “Yeah…”
Lady: How old are you?
Me: 21.
Lady: Oh, I though you were 16!

Actually, sixteen is the oldest I’ve been thought of so that’s kind of exciting. I should’ve said something snarky like, “Oh, and it’s Senior Day at Target! Those batteries will be 20% off! You’re definitely over 65, right?”

January 18, 2009
At the grocery store, not looking my best. But I’m buying stuff with my mom. So the lady ringing up our purchases says to me, “Well, it’s back to school tomorrow!”

My reply? “Yes! Only one more semester until I graduate from middle school! I’m so excited about high school!”

Just kidding. I didn’t say that. I should’ve.

Three cases over the past 6 months. I’ll probably get carded until I’m 40. Hey, it works for me. I might look like a middle-schooler right now but I’ll look like I’m just entering my 20’s when I’m 30! Booya!

Here’s a picture. You decide. I chose this picture because when my mom took it, I thought, “I look like I’m 12.” I think it has to do with the face that my nephew is so long. He’ll be my height when he enters kindergarten. Now, that’s a sad fact of life.



One Response to “Ageless”

  1. shalay Says:

    Oh my god, I can SO relate to you! I get asked all the time what high school I go to. Seriously? I graduated almost 5 years ago. Ugh. And I work at an elementary school now and since I’m really tiny (5’2 and 100 lbs), most 5th and 6th graders are bigger than me. It’s really pathetic. I HATE hearing from people how old they originally thought I was. It is NOT a compliment to hear you look younger until you’re at least in your 30’s.

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