So I meant to write this post a few weeks ago but first I knew I needed to snap a few pictures of the baby before I wrote it and then time got away from me. But here he is: Dutch, my new dog.


He is turning 7 years old on March 2nd but we got him free and clear from my great-aunt, who is in North Carolina helping her daughter with her 3 children. Dutch was developing a problem nipping the kids when they would provoke him so they decided they needed to get rid of him. And we got him! 🙂

Another picture?

Another picture?

He is such a fun, little guy. It’s funny because he is completely different from Minnie but then again, so similar. I love how each and every dog will have their own set of quirks. Like Minnie always had to have something in her mouth (i.e., a shoe, a piece of paper, a stuffed animal) when she greeted anyone at the door. You never knew what she was going to greet you with when you showed up!

Dutch has this quirk when he sleeps. He has to be under the covers. I’ll get in bed and pull the covers and he’ll nose his way under the covers until his body is completely under the covers. At first, I was worried about this and worried he would be smothered but he seems OK.

His favorite way to sleep

His favorite way to sleep

He is completely and 100% spoiled by us. We are dog people. We love spoiling dogs and he is definitely spoiled! I mean, we don’t go overboard but he is so cute and we just can’t help ourselves. I think I fell in love with him within 5 minutes. He’s that lovable.

Perfect little poser

Perfect little poser

We take him on walks everyday, which he loves. And he’s such a boy! He loves sniffing poop and lifting his leg every 5 minutes to show the world he. is. a. MAN! It’s cute, though. He’s cute.

We had to “discipline” him yesterday. He was in a grumpy mood (maybe he wanted the Eagles to win?) and my mom was just petting him and he snapped at her and made 2 little cuts that were bleeding on her fingers. So we put him in my room (i.e., the “naughty chair”) for 6 minutes where he whined the entire time. Seriously, I was like one of those mothers on Supernanny where they stand outside their child’s door as they’re being disciplined, biting their nails and wanting to cave but knowing they can’t. I’m going to have such a time disciplining my own children!

Anyway, Dutch is a blast! He is so much fun and he makes everything OK. He really does.

Just a little bit spoiled?

Just a little bit spoiled?


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