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Well, it seems as if the devil is hard at work in destroying my life. He seems pretty good at that, don’t you think?

So I changed my major to journalism in December, after spending 2 1/2 years in education. Unfortunately, financial aid will only cover 90 hours of coursework for transfer students. So I talked with the staff at the Financial Aid office last week and filled out 3 forms I needed, including a petition to receive additional financial aid.

I found out on Wednesday that my petition was denied. This also means my Florida Medallion scholarship (which pays for 75% of my tuition) and my Stafford loan also disappear forever. (Doesn’t that sound ominous?)

Basically, I’m up you-know-what creek without a paddle.

So the ladies at the Financial Aid office suggested looking into private loans, like Sallie Mae and Chase Student Loans. So I did but wasn’t approved for either. Chase wanted me to have a cosigner but my mom’s credit isn’t that good (but is getting better!) so we decided to just try it on my own. For Sallie Mae, we tried having my mom as a cosigner but I still wasn’t approved.

So it’s a big letdown.

But I am going to look on the bright side, because that’s what I do. I’m not a half-full type of girl for no reason! Obviously, God has other plans for me. For some reason, He doesn’t want me to get in more debt (I’m almost $20,000 in debt due to my Stafford loan). He has another way to help me pay for college. Maybe it’s through scholarships or from a friendly donation (wink wink, nudge nudge). I don’t know yet.

I was taking 4 classes but have dropped 2. I was taking an online criminology course just to keep me at full-time for Bright Futures but since I don’t have that anymore, there’s no use. Another class I was taking I can take while I’m in the College of Journalism (or whatever it is). So there’s only 2 I need right now in order to take other classes. They are pre-req’s to take any more.

I also have a tuition deferment until March 13th so we’ll just have to somehow come up with the money to pay for classes. I also need money for books (although, for some reason, financial aid approved me to buy books…). I only need two and, luckily, they are both out of stock at the moment.

God will prepare a way when there seems to be no way. Isn’t that the saying? And through it all, He is faithful. I was listening to my Chris Tomlin CD (his Hello Love CD is just amazing) and a simple verse stuck in my head: Yahweh. Holy is Your name. Through all of this, through all my tears and frustrations, God is still holy. And that’s never going to change! Even if terrorists bomb New York City or hurricanes wipe out a city or a girl can’t find the money for college, God is holy. Always and forever.


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