Oh, Christmas tree!

Ah, the joys of a fresh, real Christmas tree. I know some of you scaredy-cats go for a fake pre-lit Christmas tree. But, seriously, one-fourth of Christmas is the stress and anxiety that comes with taking a real Christmas tree and putting it in the stand and trying to get it to stand up (and straight, but that’s not really neccessary).

I am the biggest kid when it comes to Christmas. My brother and I both are. We love it. We used to try to stay up all night, waiting for Christmas morning to come. But he moved out 3 years ago so now it’s just Mom and me. And I insist on a real Christmas tree. There is nothing in the world like the smell of a Christmas tree when you come inside the house. You can’t get that smell with a fake one.

So we usually get our Christmas tree from Ken’s Christmas Trees and they work out good. But he is a little pricey and pretty far away. But he has a Christmas tree stand that is a thing of beauty. It looks like a regular stand but has a long pole up the middle of it. At Ken’s, they drilled a hole in the middle of the Christmas tree and all you have to do is slip it in the hole and voila! The tree is perfect. No screws or anything.

Unfortunately, this year we bought our tree at Target and they don’t drill holes there. Mark was with us so we figured we’d just get his drill and drill our own hole! Well, we had 4 hours to get it into water and Mark’s drill was dead and he needed to charge it. So we spent about 2 1/2 hours, waiting for it to charge and when it finally did, the drill wasn’t able to go very far into the tree.

So now we were at a crossroads. What to do? We decided we had to buy a regular stand. So we ventured off to Target again and bought the stand. Only one of the screws was made wrong and the bolt wouldn’t go on it right like the other bolts did. The bolt helped to hold the screw in place and without it, the screw had a mind of its own and wouldn’t stay straight.

Now it’s official freak out time.

The tree had to be in water and the stand was being stupid so we couldn’t get it upright. So, genius that I am, I came up with the solution to fill our first stand with water and just lean the tree against it for the time being. We’d come back in the morning.

Man oh man, what a night! Mom was really upset over it and her being upset caused me to be upset. It wasn’t a very fun situation on Saturday night. So what did we do? We went to Steak-N-Shake. We gorged. Would you like to know how many calories is in a double steakburger, French fries, a cup of chili, and a chocolate shake? Only 2,221! That’s it! Wow. Oh, and it only had NINETY-SEVEN grams of fat! Holy crap. They do have healthier options, but who wants to eat healthy when you’re stressed out and upset?

Luckily, our hero saved the day! He came on Sunday morning and within an hour got our tree standing up, straight, proud, and regal. It is a beauty of a tree. So we were so happy that he fixed it for us. He’s amazing. (HE would be my brother…)

So, now here is our beautiful tree. It has so much character, wouldn’t you say?


We also decorated the house for Christmas!


Mom loves the snowman theme. Her stocking is the first one, then Mark’s, and mine is on the bottom.


Our little Christmas table, filled with a Snowman Christmas countdown, our very own fireplace, a church, and, most importantly, a candy dish filled with Christmas candy.


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