One of those days…

I had one of those days where I question whether becoming a teacher is even in the cards for me. I feel like I’m not a good teacher. Point and shoot.

When I have my observations, I never get a perfect observation. There are always so many areas that I need to work on. All of my friends who are in their internships always talk about how great their observations go and how they did everything perfect. They got the best review. They are going to be a such a great teacher.


Not me.

And I know they don’t do everything perfect and everyone always has something they need to work on. It just seems like I’m doing more things wrong than right.

Am I kidding myself here? It’s a fact that most people who get a degree in elementary education end up not being in the classroom. After today, I am so doubtful that I will ever have my own classroom.

I went in on Friday, excited to start the day and around 10 a.m., I wanted to completely quit my College of Ed experience. Blegh. I hate this feeling.


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