3 things to smile about

I was planning on blogging all about everything that’s going wrong in my life. I was planning on lamenting on how I feel like my life is falling apart and everything is crashing down around me. But, really, what is that going to do? It’s going to make me feel hopeless and desolote.

Instead, I’d rather write about things that are going good in my life. Everyone can always say a few things that make them smile and be happy everyday. So, here they are. My 3 things that I can smile about:

1. My nephew will be born tomorrow.

Jenny is scheduled to be induced at 12:30 p.m. tomorrow afternoon so, hopefully, by this time tomorrow, I’ll be an aunt and have a snuggly, sweet little nephew. I can’t wait for tomorrow. It’s going to be so amazing to be there. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the thought that there’s going to be this brand-new LIFE here. It’s just amazing. A little boy! How much fun is that going to be? That is something to smile about. It’s one of the brightest spot in my life right now. Everytime I think of this baby, I smile and feel all fuzzy inside.

2. My fourth-graders are amazing.

My class of fourth-graders are the best class I’ve ever had. OK, this is just my third class but they are the BEST! I feel so comfortable around them and I really feel as if I’m their teacher. I don’t feel as if I’m a lowly intern. I feel in control and comfortable. They are funny, friendly, smart, and adorable. I love them so much. They are amazing. I love going to school every day so I can see them, talk to them, and teach them. Going to school helps me forget all my problems and they are the brightest part of my life. They make everything I’m struggling about totally worth it.

3. NFL Football is back in action!

Well, this goes without saying for me! My Sundays are back being full of lovely, NFL football. It’s a beautiful thing, my friends. I love it. Football is the absolute best sport ever invented and it feels me with such joy and happiness when I watch it. This makes me smile.

So, wasn’t that so much better than grousing about all the bad stuff in my life? Focusing on the positive is so much more, well, POSITIVE!


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