Yo, Teach!

Well, I started my Final Internship two weeks ago and I’m almost full-time teaching. I was only supposed to be observing for the first 2 weeks but I’ve already become acquianted with the school and students so I started doing little things, like taking them to art or music and going over math problems and began teaching some subjects last week.

My teachers are so awesome. They don’t take their job too seriously, usually leave by 3:15, and they are really letting me become the teacher! My A.M. teacher is the one who may have the most trouble letting go of the reins but it’s in a good way. She does it so the students get the most benefit and also because she doesn’t want me to be uncomfortable. She wants me to be comfortable and at ease when I start full-time teaching. My P.M. teacher is so good about leaving me alone. I don’t think he’s been in there for more than 3 minutes when I’m teaching them. 🙂 I love it.

The kids are great. I have my quiet, “good” ones, my talkers, and my low students who need so much extra support. The good ones make the job easy, the talkers make it fun, and my low students make it challenging. I have one student who needs so much help in math. It is such a struggle to figure out how to explain something in a different way to help. But I want the student to succeed and will try my best to do it.

Anyway, I love it. It’s turning out to be my best internship so far. I had a good internship, a horrible internship, and a great internship. I’m learning more about my teaching and discipline style. I know there are some students I can’t joke around with and there’s some students I can. My P.M. teacher is even letting me assign homework and such! How cool is that?

I hope to give more updates, better than biweekly, about how my internship is going. It’s an exciting time!


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