In October, I’ll become an aunt for the first time. I always told my brother that if he ever had a child, I would go bankrupt because of everything I’d spend on him or her.

Famous last words, right?

The baby shower for my nephew is on Saturday and I think I might have gone overboard on gifts for him. I can’t help it! I see baby clothes or toys and I buy without even thinking. I don’t even want to think of what Christmas will look like for him. 😉

So, here is a rundown of his gifts:

Major Cutie Outfit2 by you.

Caterpiller by you.
This adorable caterpillar has different fabrics on each of his “bodies” and a cute little teething thing at the end of it. It’s actually an “Eric Carle” caterpillar, the man who wrote The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

onies by you.
My mom made me buy this. How cute is it?

This cute 5-pack of onesies had a onesie that said “I love mommy” and another one that said “I love daddy.”

pooh cap by you.

Classic Pooh™ Pacifier with Clip
The baby has a “Winnie the Pooh” themed room so we got a lot of Pooh Bear stuff. This is a cute Pooh Bear pacifier with a clip, which I know is a lifesaver!!!

This is a play gym that turns into a tunnel as baby grows up:


Bib by you.

Yeah, this baby is going to be spoiled.


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