Trying to look professional

I will begin my final student teaching internship on September 2nd. I have done 2 previous internship (1 day a week and then 2 days a week). This one will be five, full days a week. This gives future teachers an insight into the world of teaching and makes it so our first year of teaching isn’t so shocking. We aren’t thrown out there to the wolves, so to speak.

As I prepare for this internship, I also have to prepare my new “business professional” look. As every college student knows, we have 3 items of clothes: jeans, t-shirts, and sweatpants. Nothing else, really. We may have a few slacks and blouses left over from our church days (when you actually wore nice outfits to church…) but we soon realize that we need a wardrobe overhaul.

I do have a few nice slacks and outfits to wear that I’ve picked up through my previous internships. I have:

  • Black slacks – that smell that popcorn since I wore them when I worked at a movie theatre during the summer of 2006.
  • Gray slacks – that need to be hemmed so badly. I actually had one of the workers at an elementary school roll them up for me one day. Can I help it if I’m the size of a ten-year-old?
  • Black-and-white striped capris – my nicest pair of slacks that make me feel professional, yet stylish. Thank you, New York and Co.!
  • An Indian red skirt – adorable on me! It’s oh-so-cute but I haven’t found any color but white to wear as a top.
  • Red flowery skirt – very cute but again, I can only wear it with one shirt.
  • Black flowery skirt – same deal.
  • Khakis – tons of shirts to wear with them but only have one pair.

So this is my dilemma. It’s not that I have NOTHING to wear – it’s that I only have a few things. And I am so into the “business professional” look. When my friend Kim and I were preparing for our first internship, we were so excited that we could wear skirts and slacks to teaching and look like real-live teachers! After spending so many years in jeans and sweatpants, it’s exciting. (This may just be the two of us, though…)

So I debated, for about 5 minutes, and then applied for a Target credit card. Not a very smart move, seeing as I’ve maxed out my Achieva credit card and my Old Navy credit card already (I know I can pay them back once I’m a full-time teacher) but this was a necessity, in my opinion. I needed some clothes to show the world that I am serious about being a teacher!

So I spent my first $100 of the $300 allotted.

Pinstripe Pants - Gray/ Blue

Merona® Pleated Skirt - Feather Print

I also got a black collared blouse to go with the pants (super cute) and a lime green shirt to go with my skirt (also super cute). And I bought the cutest brown flats with faux-fur lining on the inside! They were soooo comfy and sooooo cute that I had to buy them!


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